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In Which Of The Following Locations Is The Key To Enable The Admin Account In The Registry?


There is only one way to fix a corrupted database, replace the Registry . Step 6: Check the system memory. Keep sharing these kinda stuff! For IOS Errors and corrupted Registry databases use RegRepair 2000 .

This is the most comphensive listing of Windows speed enhancements that I have run across. Joshua says: 7 years ago Some mediocre to flat out bad advice in this article. There are many programs to remove spyware including Ad-Aware, Giant Antispyware, SUPERAntiSpyware, and more. 12. macssuck says: 7 years ago give me a good reason why macs are soo good?

In Which Of The Following Locations Is The Key To Enable The Admin Account In The Registry?

If this still fails you will then need to use Registry Drill. However, if you reserve 128MB of RAM by setting system.ini to: [vcache] MinFileCache=4096 MaxFileCache=393216 Now you don’t have any delays double-clicking folders, opening start-menu, or whatever you do on the Windows BrooksNo preview available - 2009Common terms and phrases2000 and Windows adapter card ALERT Be aware application backup battery BIOS boot bootup button CD­ROM drive chipset CMOS CMOS Setup utility components configuration

One warning: You are more vulnerable if you encounter a nasty memory leak, as you have no pagefile to buffer you. Even found my wireless with no problem. And I am really lucky. once again hit and miss, it can be WORSE for some programs.

even if you are prompted. - You are now ready to make repairs to the Registry. - You can now start RegRepair 2000 and you will be prompted to reboot so Ccleaner Information about each file, size, location, and number of sectors used to store the file are kept. System Sentry is my choice as it shows version numbers before exacting. Seek time is therefore very important to performance.

And the software availabe for it is even more limited. Caitlin8765 says: 7 years ago Thank you very much - 99 ways i was looking for maybe a few ways to sort out my vista - taking ages to load up……i I've been using the FREE Ubuntu OS for some time and find it easier to use and much faster then Windows. Fdisk can read Table 2 also, if you use the MBR switch (fdisk /mbr) to repair the boot sector.


To learn more about GPFs see our page on General Protection Faults . I didn't realize there were SO MANY IT professionals out there. In Which Of The Following Locations Is The Key To Enable The Admin Account In The Registry? Log In or Register to post comments Anonymous User (not verified) on Jun 22, 2005 I have a pc with 1 1/2 gigs of ram and it runs awesome without a Microsoft Press's: I/O request Packet: dat structures that drivers use to communicate with each other.

I mean, come on... lol Keith says: 7 years ago Thanks, a couple of these maybe helped a tiny bit in speeding up my Celeron Eee PC, however far too many were filler or downright Windows XP won't use it unless it's necessary." Lies, damned lies, all of it. If you have a lot of odd font file names this may take several minutes. - If RegRepair 2000 tells you it placed some font files in a folder "C:\SavedFonts" or

if you dont use ide devices a lot switch it to "none". Giving you 1 sec fater loading times spanned over one hour is pretty much useless - dont you think? ;) Just tune the windows's inbuilt settings - no more! The mac’s take several more click’s, and are consistently slower at everything we try. Now you will need to Export the Registry one more time and save it in the Windows directory ; we will use it again later. - The next step if RegMedic

I have started working (software development) on my PC to solve my client's problems. :D someone says: 7 years ago defragmentation and registry cleaning: DEFINITELY NOT! Think about it. Mariana says: 7 years ago "If you don’t care about all the fancy visual effects in Windows, you can turn them off by going to Performance Options." I had a brand

This forces Windows to reserve memory and also stops Windows from allocating memory for needed tasks.

I will read into that. Adam says: 7 years ago I can almost summarize all of these tips into one! This DLL file remover will remove and store unused DLL files that are no longer required. Move or change the location of your My Documents folder so that it is on a separate partition or hard drive.

I work for a multinational company with offices all over the world. I have used it and I love it. I mean the OS is nice and all but why would anybody spend twice as much in getting a underrated computer? Thanks for the effort you put into coming up with this post.

That is no longer the case.