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XP SP2 Probs Already!

For example, if you attempt to download a file, the download may open in a pop up. Ask for technical support on SP2. I can download and Netscape Navigator works fine. Log In or Register to post comments Anonymous User (not verified) on Dec 16, 2004 I do not know how can microsoft think that millions of people are subject to their weblink

See the Microsoft article "You receive a 'Windows XP Setup is incompatible with this version of Windows' error message when you install Windows XP Service Pack 2 on a Hewlett-Packard computer" See the chapter Read this first above for details. SP2 is a death trap. Here you also have the choice to open these server functions only for the local subnet.

When you install SP2 using this method, the screen reader that starts when XP starts and the screen reader that runs when you use a keyboard shortcut don't function. Remote backups initiated by Legato NetWorker, Computer Associates BrightStor ARCServe Backup, and VERITAS BackupExec will be unable to connect to a remote system, possibly reporting “Network path not found” when it Performance of 1394 devices may decrease after you install Windows XP Service Pack 2 http://support.microsoft.com/kb/885222/ If all else fails Some virus checkers can interfere, so disable your virus checker for now. The article contains step-by-step instructions on how to modify XP’s firewall to enable network backups and other applications.

Attempts to set up dual accounts will most likely result in a banning of all forum accounts. 14. The advantage of this function is that it draws your attention to bad software that tries to communicate clandestinely from your computer. Check for your computer's and peripherals' manufacturers: http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/sp2/oemlinks.mspx Device drivers known to cause instability in Windows XP Service Pack 2 http://support.microsoft.com/kb/883775/ Uninstall Service Pack 2 If you have currently unsolvable problems If, however, you need full and free communications for any type of connection, then use the third tab, Advanced, and remove the check mark from your LAN (Local Area Network) interface

JoinAFCOMfor the best data centerinsights. For example, without the firewall service running, the computer browser service will not work properly. And, judging from the number of posts on this problem with XP SP 2, it might be a good idea to make this a sticky for a little while... The LPR protocol uses TCP Port 515, which is, by default, blocked by the firewall.

Before you put any of these hotfixes on systems with a filter driver, download and install the Windows Installer bug fix. Temporarily install the hard disk in another computer. You can also allow the first ICMP function (echo, ping) or all of them. Video link posting with less than a 2 post tally are considered as spam.

Database administrator? Still having problems. The problem comes into play because the restore point format has been changed in Service Pack 2. John will walk attendees through resource allocation and architecture, storage, networking (including Network Virtualization), clustering, migration technologies, replication, private cloud, session virtualization, migration from other technologies, integration with Microsoft Azure, and

finally found your site and attempted disabling DEP in boot.ini and the system booted right up. This is for your own protection. 12. Third party configuration software If the manufacturer of your hardware has you install network configuration software, this may interfere with Windows XP's own configuration function, particularly Wireless Zero Configuration, may change Q.

Most of it is fairly obvious from reading a few articles already. To correct the display problem, run the Device Manager, select, in turn, each USB device that is reporting an old version of the driver, and click the Update Driver button. The BOOT.INI file is write-protected, so you have to remove the read-only attribute first: ATTRIB -S -H -R C:\BOOT.INI NOTEPAD BOOT.INI Carefully edit the /NoExecute=OptIn string and change OptIn to AlwaysOff. check over here When you run Windows Installer, a bug in how the installer accesses files collides with the filter driver (and potentially filter drivers in similar applications), causing XP SP2 systems to hang.

One of the most common ones is the nVidia graphics driver. Or stand 20 feet away from the screen, they'll look OK from there Log In or Register to post comments Anonymous User (not verified) on Oct 25, 2004 Installed SP2. Hilfe in Deutsch, .

Defragmentation is not required though.

The background is that some cable modems or similar devices recognize the connected adapters (or their MAC addresses) only once when powering up. "Connect as" and the Guest account If you Contact A4Tech for an updated driver. CAUSE These issues may occur when permissions on one or more registry keys are restricted in a way that prevents the administrator who installs the update from updating the registry keys. The reason for this is because a lot of applications rely on being able to receive data through obscure TCP or UDP ports.

Yes, you can technically install SP2 without doing anything special to the machine ahead of time, but you are far less likely to experience problems if you plan ahead. Use the Exceptions tab and check the File and Printer Sharing entry, which should now, by default, be set only for the local subnet, i.e. JoinAFCOMfor the best data centerinsights. Just finished third attempt to reinstall windows from original disks supplied with system.

NetWorker, VERITAS, and ARCServe Backups Default Windows Firewall settings prevent network-based backups from successfully attaching to remote SP2 systems. Even system restore won't work. The file encodedivxext.dll is the culprit in this case. I mean ...

Try to install Service Pack 2 in safe mode. If this is not enough, you may have to uninstall it entirely. Reboot the computer and, before running any other program, run the batch file. Add an exception for TCP port 515 in the firewall.

Device does not work properly with Service Pack 2 If the problem reoccurs and if it is related to some device, check the web site of the device's manufacturer for the Make a note of the name of the driver and check whether it changes. Installing Service Pack 2 replaces most of your machine’s system files. If your machine has a nVidia graphics card, you may experience problems similar to my Flight Simulator problems unless you install the update found at: http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/genericSoftwareDownloadIndex?lc=en&cc=us&softwareitem=pv-19853-2 Even if you don’t have

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