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XP SP2 PC Can't Send MS-Word Attachments

If i try to open recovered files i am geting the error 'conversion files required'. Eadward April 19, 2006 9:39 AM I need to print an email with his attachment (always a htm file), I know that modifying the print options it can be done, but Any help would be appreciated. so far only myself and two other colleagues have complained about it.

If you have a Word 97 document, you should still be able to open it in Word 2003 or 2007. I just experienced this problem today. The option for Outlook 2007 is not there..I am not using any forms, templates, etc.. Email attachments are often the way that viruses spread throughout the internet.

I chose to open with Acrobat X and the file opened as expected. How can I adjust so I can print the whole page? He has two PCs w/Office 2007, so I had him take a couple of the files he was having problems with and copy them to that PC and open them. Hiram says: 5 years ago Changed the extension from .doc to .docx and it opened right up.

We all know that mistakes are extremely rare in the computer universe, but they have been known to happen. John says: 4 years ago Thanks! I have a pretty fresh install of Windows XP Pro with SP3 and Office 2003. Instead, you can perform a bulk conversion using the Office File Converter that's included in the Office Migration Planning Manager (OMPM).

Many thanks. More about Leo. Can you help me with this problem. konos says: 6 years ago My case was the same as Jason Said above - somehow someone renamed a Word document to a .DOC even though it was a .DOCX.

The Fix It logo will signal to the user that an automated solution is available. I cannot find this file MSWord632.wpc on my Laptop so could not copy it from their to paste on my Desktop PC. Stefan says: 7 years ago I think this converter business is a hoax. Please help me, I really need those documents.

Word should then be able to read it (assuming you have the 2007-2003 converter installed). Is there any help for me on these Deleted then Recovered after a year documents? solved Please help: Refresh has deleted all of my personal files (documents, pictures etc.) Old hard drive files unopenable solved Help! manofkent says: 6 years ago Had this problem for many weeks.

It also makes file sizes smaller than those saved in the old binary formats. woot! it did not do this a week ago... #2 my windows icon that is usually on the bottom that I click to open computer, documents..etc and shows the time , programs However, my experience was not quite the same.

I had tried the other fixes out there and sometimes Microsoft's FixIt file works but most of the time I have to reinstall Office. Now it wants me to select the file encoding to make it readable. Save as something else if you don't like this format (like print to .pdf). The files will then be opened by the Microsoft Office text converters.

Any ideas? I'm just wondering if this could just be a virus, because most my files are unreadable. XP SP2 PC can't send MS-Word attachments This is a discussion on XP SP2 PC can't send MS-Word attachments within the Windows XP Support forums, part of the Tech Support Forum

I attempted your easy solution (.doc file was created as a Word from Office 2007 file with extension changed from .docx to .doc, instead of saving in Compatibility mode).

Mike says: 7 years ago I am getting this error as well. Have had the same problem with older pgm of Spanish Learning. Hi says: 5 years ago Thanks, the trick worked for me.. Any suggestions?

Srinivasa Rao says: 7 years ago Hi, When opening the word document from an application, it is throwing the above error. Deb is a tech editor, developmental editor, and contributor to over 20 add... Anything elsel that we can try? Any other suggestions?

I received this error trying to open a .PDF file which someone had accidentally changed the extension to and it was now a .DOC file. It is also running Symantec Norton Anti-virus Corporate Edition with 31 October definitions. In this post, I’ll list them out here. http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?kbid=872839 Phyllis February 8, 2006 11:27 AM In Outlook, email - Windows 2000 - I am trying to print an email that has attachments and I want the printed email copy

If I try to convert the text it simply won't work, the converter tells me to "choose the code that makes the text readable" but none does. says: 5 years ago I only seem to have one file under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE named "Default". installed windows 19 but not ALL documents or picyures are in "old" files. If you want the content of the attachment also printed, then tick 'Print attached file with item(s)'option from the print window.

Notenboom, © 2005 I want to be able to print an email with an attachment. Therefore, .doc and .wri files that require an RTF>converter cannot be opened by using WordPad.]]>>There are two methods listed here...>You receive a "Cannot load Word for Windows 6.0 files" error message I work for a printing company and it is important to have that line so we can tell what the file is when we print the email and someone picks up Other Office 2007 resources 10 reasons to consider upgrading to Office 2007 10 new Office 2007 interface elements (and what they're really called) 10+ ways to train your users on Office

grrr Don Bishop says: 7 years ago I'm getting this message while trying to open a Mac Word file in MSWord 2007. At the bottom of the page, there is a list of Operating systems this fix applies to. We can't seem to find the setting. Rename the file with .docx extension.

What was really weird is that if she clicked on the red X button, the document would open just fine! That was from another desktop.