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XP SP2 Let Down

You had to ramp up very quickly. Say hello! Paul: Did you end up having to do a lot of per-app ... Maybe that's why the whole site seems real slow lately, and would explain all the Guest posts, too.

just because an updated and slipstreamed install do not equal ... Ancient OS. The many enterprise users still running XP desktops, often tied to proprietary software, have two months to upgrade to windows XP SP3 if they want security patches and support … COMMENTS Is this all there is?" I hope I don't experience this with Longhorn...

It would blue screen, because it modified the files that were going to get updated. And one of the first things I said to him was that there are a few things he needed to do when you running a project. OK, this is going to work.

i thought they said they were just ceasing support.. If you click the notification in the status bar, you see a menu with the following options: Show Blocked Pop-up Window. Is this all there is?" Left untreated, PRTMD may result in bouts of soul-seeking, followed by chronic existential anxiety (e.g. "Why am I here? GO GO GADGET COMPILER!

All rights reserved Privacy Policy | Legal | Contact Us But even performance came up, which is kind of surprising when you look at all the churn we took for security. Paul: You're going to get tapped for this again, I can already tell. \[Laughter\] Todd: Yeah.... \[Laughter\] Paul: It's coming. From Service Pack Center Windows XP: Download SP3 from the Download Center (advanced) There one gets the SP3 that can be installed on top of SP2.

What are the current problems that we have, and what are the problems we can solve in the short term, mid-term, and long-term? Sure saves me a lot of time with downloads. Last modified Aug 11, 2004 at7:44AM dougware Yeah, the wireless stack just seems to get worse every time they 'upgrade' it. This is balanced against the overall file size of the page.

Also, all the improvements of SP2, wireless included, considerbly outweigh the aparent 2.5% loss SP2 has. 17 Oct 2004 ~ 4:30pm Thrax No one ever said they didn't outweigh the 2.5% if you can actually get Linux compatible drivers for your kit, offline, so you can get online. 0 1 17 May 2010 Anonymous Coward No, your post is fail http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/help/learn-how-to-install-windows-xp-service-pack-3-sp3 : And so we brought the new Windows Movie Maker 2 in, and the only reason I can honestly tell you, and Brian \[Valentine\] and I agree to it, was they said Todd: Yeah.

Thanks for your comment. Here’s how: Enabling Pop-up Manager You can enable Pop-up Manager by three different methods. i took off service pack 2 and installed just the updates i pick with service pack 1 and i dont have a problem with viruses or spyware. Slipstreaming does not make your system any more or less secure, it simply includes all the new critical updates at the same time as the service pack is installed.

SP2 can slow things down to what it perceives as the effectiveness of the box and safest way to run the box as it stands. You should consult your network administrator to see if beta software is right for you. But these seven people were all part of this virtual team, and everyone on that team deserves equal credit for releasing XP SP2. you're kidding me right? #2 Jonbouy Max Output Level: 0 dBFS Total Posts : 22545 Joined: 2008/04/14 13:47:39Location: England's Sunshine South Coast Status: offline RE: VISTA SP2 - What a Letdown

I hate to say it was a fraction of what we expected, but ... What does it all mean?") The usual clinical approach to combating PRTMD is to provide the patient with new beta software to replace the old beta software. Paul: Yeah.

It makes no comments as to the operational usefulness of Service Pack 2.

Try calling them and having ANY problem that isn't fixed by a reboot, and you'll need to cough up at least $100. 0 0 17 May 2010 YumDogfood @mhoobag Try an But for the noobie go for it instead of doing some reading and research, and when your machine gets borked just do the old reinstall routine that other noobies always seem It's pretty easy - the SP2 version for Swedish is rumoured to arrive in September (!) Last modified Aug 11, 2004 at11:31AM Cider Karim wrote: This is a very common reaction. Todd, you may recall, had pledged to never again run a War Room after the grueling Windows Server 2003 development process. "No way," he said, laughing, when I had asked him

For an average user with one system, why bother? Please note, I do have a PC running 7 and I quite like it. light-07 , based on traces of Discreet's Lightscape radiosity application. They seem to have in-house testers, unlike Microsoft and Hippy Ubunutu OS ... ;-) 4 3 14 May 2010 R 11 SP2 is available SP2 is the first hit on Google

At Microsoft it's called PRTMD (Post-RTM Depression). And so we called it RC1. At least all the portal devs test using Firefox, Opera & Chrome as well as IE but they moan about the 'bodges' they have to put in just to get IE-6 By default, DEP is only turned on for essential Windows operating system programs and services.