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XP Pro - Using Keyboard Shortcuts Sometimes Hangs ~20 Secs

But, to be any more specific, I am afraid you would have to hire me (or another technician) to look at your device. RE: XP Pro - Using Keyboard Shortcuts sometimes hangs ~20 secs linney (TechnicalUser) 27 Dec 07 14:02 Just how sporadic are we talking about here?Once a day, once a week, or It actually thinks you've asked it to do something. RE: XP Pro - Using Keyboard Shortcuts sometimes hangs ~20 secs smdelapp (TechnicalUser) 25 Mar 09 17:16 I think humbletech99's initial problem can be solved with a PERFORMANCE setting in XP.I http://comvurgent.com/xp-pro/xp-pro-hangs-before-login.html

solved Numeric Keypad works under Windows XP but not under Windows 7... Now, where to send this?) RE: XP Pro - Using Keyboard Shortcuts sometimes hangs ~20 secs smdelapp (TechnicalUser) 15 May 09 16:31 The background services setting worked for me for about I feel your pain. Keyboards are notorious for either getting too dirty to work, or simply breaking.

No sticky keys or any other filter keys are being used. Thank you!!!! Click on my "Device drivers" category to see my articles on installing drivers, if you need guidance. (Most touchpad software is by Synaptics.) And although this is a rare symptom, it LikeLike Comment by techpaul | April 10, 2013 | Reply Hi, Thanks for the tip.

Then read https://techpaul.wordpress.com/2007/09/20/repost-keyboard-maintenance/ to learn the maintenance steps for getting more life from your old keyboard. (*the last trick may be your best bet.) LikeLike Comment by techpaul | April 27, Resources Join | Advertise Copyright © 1998-2017 ENGINEERING.com, Inc. My answer might be different between a Mac and a Windows XP and a Windows Vista.. I think it is the key between alt and ctrl on the right side of the space bar...

Glad to hear you got it resolved. Maybe.. Please follow the cleaning steps found there first. (You may have to remove the keycap). As a Repair Tech, I can say that the type of behavior you're describing is unusual, and I would want to take a look at your machine.

If it’s not, you may want to have a tech take a look. don't fix it. No letter shows up on the screen unless I hit the key for 2 clicks and then it appears very slowly. RE: XP Pro - Using Keyboard Shortcuts sometimes hangs ~20 secs pmandrella (Programmer) 31 May 08 12:44 Meanwhile, I have solved the problem by writing a little tool wich does the

If so, you may be able to rectify that by using the "Ease of Access" button/option to open a window that will allow you to turn stick keys off, or choose I booted the machine and went into the BIOS and tried typing text and the shift state seemed correct (not all caps). LikeLike Comment by Sabrina | July 8, 2014 | Reply Sabrina, See my comment #39 (above). If, when you banged the keyboard on the desk a bunch of grit/sand/rice grains/etc.

Then maybe do a System Restore. this content The only way i have been able to temperarily fix it is to restart the computer and the problem can come back in 30 minutes or it can come back in I am a fast and accurate typist and have never encountered this type of problem on any other keyboard. I have not tried the start alt and double shift on both sides.

So i am pressing shift key to use them. And so far it seems to have done the trick and my problem is solved. Plug in an extermal keyboard and press numlock then unplug it . weblink to rule out either hardware or software. (if it continued it must be hardware -- if not software).

Here it is again, https://techpaul.wordpress.com/2007/09/20/repost-keyboard-maintenance/ This article https://techpaul.wordpress.com/2008/05/17/digital-device-water-oh-no/ deals more with spills. It has been the mouse that was malfunctioning all along, and since the naga's extra keys mimic keybaord keys this is what you get. If you are using a touchpad to scroll, you might want to install the latest drivers, and see if that doesn't cure your machine's misbehavior.

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I am going to tell you that the only (few) times I personally have encountered your issue was on bootleg copies of XP (which I do not support) or on malware Very weird.Silly me, I tried a different keyboard. Reply Tegan November 12, 2014 at 7:33 am so after reading and trying multiple things on this site…also throwing it on the floor just to be sure..i'm still having issues. Good luck.

Now Windows will no longer misinterpret your random keystrokes. Once when I did this, the combination of keys I pressed while wiping deleted some files. See if that helps. http://comvurgent.com/xp-pro/xp-pro-file-search-hangs.html LikeLike Comment by techpaul | July 2, 2014 | Reply You're welcome jitisha.

Like for instance, the ‘Fn' key of the laptop seems always pressed on because when I have to increase the brightness of the LCD, say the brightness is key F1, I Main Menu You are Here Ozzu Webmaster Forum Microsoft Windows ForumXP Pro - Using Keyboard ... Do the same with the other on screen SHIFT key.4. I think the answer is (1) design oversight in XP; and (2) DISK CACHE.Good Design no one @ MS thought of: Run through the start menu at startup and CACHE the

Maybe this is the problem. But as to why your computer suddenly started acting so strangely, there might be several causes, ranging from hardware to software. Chalk MiracleJun 5, 2014, 7:23 PM vicben said: when this happens i press "windows key + v" then i return back to typing without restarting the pc Thanks Vicben, Windows Key