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XP Pro System Font Replaced By Gibberish ( Checkmarks

Before connecting with the session, select Raw Log Session from CRT's File menu. 2. I have a win 98 disk. The fix will prevent this happening for new documents but will not affect existing documents, which can be toggled back to the regular corkboard view in the Mac version. Fixed a bug that created an extra blank document when using the Document Split command within a composite Scrivenings session. his comment is here

Fixed a bug that could cause the progress bar in the editor footer to not update immediately when switching documents. find there an option called "Hide Protected Operating System Files" and make sure that you set this option in such a way that you see all files (Show all, not Hide), Here is the picture of this YaZHert phonetic keyboard layout: 2nd additional Phonetic layout (only Windows 7,8,10/Vista/XP/2003). If you believe this post is offensive or violates the CNET Forums' Usage policies, you can report it below (this will not automatically remove the post).

This same obstacle holds true for our efforts to tweak our VShell server to perform consistently across a range of various vendor clients. Fixed a bug that prevented opening the script element menu in Full Screen's control panel and could cause it to appear blank. MHT pages can be opened externally or converted on import to PDF for viewing in Scrivener. The menu will switch the inspector to the selected tab, opening the inspector if necessary, and will move focus to the selected area if it is already visible. (Keyboard shortcuts can

Cleaned up various aspects of the interface, including revising text, using status checkmarks in menus, and clarifying fuzzy icons. If I got time today, I will update to 5.1.2 and test again. Fixed a bug whereby clicking in the editor scrollbar in a Scrivenings session caused the inspector focus to switch to the top document of the session. Start SecureCRT and start an SSH session to a Linux system with "Character Encoding: Default" 2.

Fixed a bug whereby multiple project notes did not remain in the correct order after closing and reopening a project. this was tested on Debian Sarge running "make menuconfig" for kernel configuration. Liz southernlady, Jul 7, 2004 #14 Sponsor This thread has been Locked and is not open to further replies. Fixed a bug whereby selecting only part of an inline annotation and choosing Convert > Inline Annotations to Inspector Comments lost the annotation formatting without converting the selection.

Fixed a bug, introduced by the Qt framework update, causing multi-column menus to display incorrectly with missing text. In desperation I tried to reinstall XP Pro mostly guessing what unreadable buttons to press. Added a recovery failsafe if Scrivener detects an open project has been deleted from the disk (e.g. my MC is displaying line characters like a champ.

Scrivener-linked document titles compile using the document's prefix and suffix settings. in firefox, every words is... Fixed a compile bug preventing placeholder tags preceded by the <$rst> tag from being replaced correctly in an ebook's automatically-generated table of contents. Btw...

Virtual Keyboard allows you to input via regular keyboard (though mouse can be used, too) and - important! - you can type "as at home", choosing, in the menu below the What's New? Optional variants. Please see for yourself: "On-screen, virtual Russian keyboard" While in Internet-cafe, you can use a short address of that Virtual Keyboard: TypeRus.com (=http://winrus.com/keyboard.htm) Obviously, it's not as handy as typing

I've made my phonetic layout to be similar to US English keyboard, that is, tried to keep most Russian letters and other symbols and punctuation marks on the same places where Selecting "Open File Location" from the references context menu now selects the item within the containing folder in the file browser. Also, if you want, it shows you how to use - instead of the standard Russian layout - a so called phonetic (transliterated, homophonic) layout ('A'-'A', 'F' - Russian 'F', 'K'-'K', Fixed a compile bug where titles were not properly wrapped in hashes according to the outliner depth for MMD formats.

However, if the network does not have a high latecy, then increasing the outstanding requests will not have a significant impact on performance. Fixed a bug where title prefixes and suffixes were ignored when generating the table of contents for ebooks. Fixed a bug whereby invalid RTF characters within a project could cause significant lag on the initial project search of a session.

If you would like to be notified via e-mail should this combination be added as a feature to SecureCRT, please send e-mail requesting notification to [email protected] (mailto:[email protected]) with a subject of

Although this combination isn't currently available in SecureCRT, it has been requested before, and is currently under consideration for being added as a feature to a future version of SecureCRT. Would it be possible to get a raw log from SecureCRT showing the incorrect line drawing characters? Fixed a bug whereby Alt-clicking a checkbox in the outliner did not apply the setting to all the items when a multiple selection was loaded. Fixed a bug where pasting an image into a document containing an image with the same name altered the original image.

by Stan Chambers / July 16, 2005 8:22 AM PDT In reply to: Ahh, system font setting. Recently there were many complains that one could NOT write in Russian in Internet Explorer - in the text input fields on Web pages. Fixed a bug that misaligned collection titles in the binder header. MODIFICATION of my Phonetic layout As I mentioned above, I did not personally design this variant of placing Russian letters on the keyboard, I just took as a basis the widely

most of the important non-alphabetical symbols (punctuation marks, etc.) are in their usual (for US English keyboard) places (unlike standard MS Russian layout shown above where to type a punctuation mark NOTE. Bugs Fixed Major (Stability) Improved the Documents > Merge process to avoid possible crash scenarios related to the order of the selection. Control Panel / "Regional and Language Options" - "Languages" tab - "Details" button (under Vista - "Keyboard and Languages" tab and "Change Keyboard" button) - if you see there that

The Tools menu now offers the option to Save and Rebuild Search Indexes to restore an out-of-date index and improve search results. The tutorial project has been updated and now includes a new “Quick Start” collection. Also changed the default DOC exporter to "RTF-Based" when Microsoft Office is not available, matching the previous 1.6.1 settings. Fixed a bug whereby the Undo history was cleared whenever clicking OK or Apply in Options.

Fixed a bug causing the Go To menu in Full Screen to display only when the mouse button was held down. Your checkbox in "Appearance"-> "Use Unicode line drawing characters" suggest that it works. Here's a screen shot of what I get with xterm with ANSI color as the terminal. Fixed a bug that allowed external and Scrivener links to be applied to text already linked to inspector comments or footnotes, which caused the comment or footnote to be deleted, though

Also refined the algorithm for hierarchical counting. Fixed a bug that could cause text formatted with an unavailable font (such as text in a Mac project opened on Windows) to default to MS Shell Dlg 2 when pasted