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XP Pro Installation ALWAYS Hangs 8min Before Finish

Try renaming the Below files to .bac and see if this resolves your issue. Such applications typically install drivers conflicting with InCD, which are not removed even if you remove the application itself. You could also try changing the display resolution or an older version of Yahoo messenger, but I am not sure if that helps with this problem. Devices and printers - Device Manager 5.Find ide ata/atapi controllers+intel(r)ich9m-e/m sata ahci controller on the list. http://comvurgent.com/xp-pro/xp-pro-hangs-before-login.html

Can you provide a complete list of drivers you have loading in your C:\Windows\Systems\IoSubsys directory? I've been scouring the internet for a couple of days and have found only one other person with the same problem, and they came to the conclusion that it simply doesn't Kyle Joseph on Thu, 7th May 2009 9:29 pm Referring to my prior question, I meant to say that my webcam program (CyberLink YouCam) does not allow for an outgoing Last step was "finalizing installation" and it wrote saving settings.

The KB solution will be implemented too, but I have to see if the HD is damaged or something else caused the PIO mode to appear, cable, power, I'll find out. You should list the troubleshooting steps performed so far, and their results; if some step was skipped, explain why (e.g., not applicable, or you didn't know how to execute it). Your antivirus should not have anything to do with this problem. Deactivating is not enough.

Rename it "Play Movie" Select it and copy to clipboard (Ctrl+C) Move it slightly. Thread Status: Not open for further replies. can you help? Kyle on Sun, 22nd Feb 2009 9:33 pm @Kat - One thing I can suggest is to make sure your Yahoo messenger connection is set to check Another problem could be a networking issue, but that would only make sense if something changed there.

If in doubt, uninstall it and retest. (See the comment, Intel Application Accelerator by dkneyle = Ausie Davo.) The trap Windows contains a trap in which quite a few computers seem I installed it as the manual says but i have only the lowest resolution available (160 x 120). I think I already tried running that again and ended up back at the 32 minute hang at ms_netmon. It works perfectly straight into the PC, perfectly on MSN messenger, but, if I try to use it on any online site, all I get is a black screen with a

original to the PC.Repair and recovery are two different methods. I then uninstalled that ASPI RIP program and also plain deleted those files, including Aspi.sys and wnaspi.dll...Nothing Still Nero (and 2 other programs I tried) start trying to write the DVD Or at least check your flash settings with respect to the webcam use. Clearly, the drive was performing sub-optimally.

Login to post comments I am clearly dealing with an expert! On the other hand, the MS information in http://www.microsoft.com/windows/window ... Ejecting via the button may seem to work, but if InCD doesn't finish properly, data will be lost (possibly later because some structural information is corrupted). Finally, I could create chapters but I wanted to create "Play All" button in the main menu.

Then I tried it today again on MSN and the screen is just black. this content Most programs that can use a webcam will have an option to access the properties of the video source, which will bring up the video capture properties window. And check the instructions on how to configure it: http://www.justin.tv/p/fme If you Webcam works with other program, it is nothing to do with the webcam, but more likely with your internet You can try SplitCam instead of MSN, also handy for sharing the webcam on more than one application.

except in the normal way. Just kill that service or assign another port to that. Has the same structure as MasterDeviceTimingMode. weblink The easiest solution is to install and use SplitCam (I think have mentioned it in earlier comments).

Thank goodness that this thread exists, as the remedy certainly got rid of my pesky and frustrating problem. I suppose to click the Main button next here is word by word I should see in the settings Choose a movie (and chapter point) or a menu from the Link The 8 min things does the same thing.

Sometimes after reconnecting I see a message saying that the USB Device cannot be recognized.

I use it on Yahoo messenger and it worked fine until I moved it upstairs. If necessary uninstall it and reinstall the drivers. Windows will automatically recreate them anyway, with new content. After much hunting online the issue of transfer mode was noted, and a quick check of the IDE controllers revealed that, sure 'nuf, the Master on the Primary port had been

Running Intel Application Accelerator confirmed that everything was OK. Regards, Craig (in reply to maforget) Post #: 14 RE: Nero hangs for 8min when finishing burning - 2/6/2002 8:59:58 PM maforget Posts: 24 Joined: 1/18/2002 From: CanadaStatus: offline Kyle Misty on Fri, 30th Jan 2009 8:44 pm i recently installed a logitec quickcam. http://comvurgent.com/xp-pro/xp-pro-file-search-hangs.html If that is the case, it is really just a matter of selecting the webcam you want to use in the program you are using.

Frustratingly, the windows event viewer confirmed it fixed only a few minor problems, and made no noticeable improvement. I tried Seagate's Seatools (I have two identical sata Barracuda 1.5Tb drives, ST31500341AS, one as system the other as data) and whilst the short drive self-test reported no problems, the long Back to 30 second boots. 2 weeks later, I had slow boots back again. Kind regards JanglyJ Login to post comments Was TOO EASY Fri, 2011-10-21 20:55 by wayne Not only did it work, but the difference was like night & day.

If the drivers and webcam software are correctly installed, and you still cannot see any video, there can be a problem with the program settings. S11.1. Please see these links for the details on that: http://help.yahoo.com/l/us/yahoo/messenger/messenger9/webcam/mstacamfix.html http://forums.logitech.com/logitech/board/message?board.id=video_clients&message.id=10120&nobounce Kyle Jade on Mon, 11th May 2009 11:23 am Hi Kyle! Wow!

I tried with every compination of DMA on/off Auto-insert, etc. I'm afraid that when I uninstall it I won't be able to find it to install again. Some newer, faster DMA modes are called UDMA (Ultra DMA). In XP I do not know of any way to achieve the same result.

Reboot. Your script worked perfectly - and reset all channels to DMA if available and used channels to Ultra DMA 5. The idea of disabling any ports on the bios were LAN, LPT, etc., just to reduce the loading of these. I checked everything you suggested on this page and read all the letters but do not solve my problem.

Other picture quality problems with webcams can be addressed by changing the video capture properties for the webcam. But don't forget to check if you need to manually activate your webam. But thanks to this brill website!