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I have a third party firewall or antivirus software or a proxy server installed. What does it mean? First set a restore point, so you can undo your changes, should anything go wrong (Programs, Accessories, System programs, System restore). i searched 2.5 days trying to find a solution to this problem and it wasn't until i googled "net view" "Error 5: You do not" that i come across your site.

Please let me know, by adding a short comment (click on Add new comment), which of these procedures worked for you. For the cisco side, quick mode is the transform set, and Main mode is the crypto isakmp policy. You will have to select that network interface. I was about to give up, when I tried your worksheet, but keeping information very much focussed to the nub of the problem - Access Denied.

i see many people asking about the circumstances concerning this specific problem but no one seems to have had the answer to this registry setting. If the computer description of the invisible computer (the server) is longer than 48 characters, make it shorter. Consider that every laptop or guest computer brought into the LAN can bring a virus along.

More details on the use of port 445 can be found at: http://www.ntsecurity.nu/papers/port445/ If that doesn't solve the problem, uninstall third party firewalls and other questionable software, particularly antivirus software (some It will also show a warning about "Limited or no connectivity", unless this warning is disabled. I checked the files in winnt\system32\drivers\etc files but did not find anything. YMMV.

Unplugging and reconnecting the network cables causes the PC to think for a while trying to assign an IP address but this then leads to the same error message. When I manually assigned one, I could ping the Internet (Google) by IP address but not by domain name. You will now see a screen that’s similar to the one that’s shown in Figure A. Thus ‘ntp master'.

There have been some reports of the firewall picking the wrong profile, but it seems as if this problem goes away on its own after you and connect a few times To apply this tweak, find the following key:HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\RemoteComputer\NameSpace\ and delete this key:{D6277990-4C6A-11CF-8D87-00AA0060F5BF}Here are registry files you can merge to directly apply/undo this tweak:sg_lan_speedup.regundo_sg_lan_speedup.regNote: You might want to export the key before When a computer on the network attempts to connect to a website on the Internet: the header of the source IP address is changed and replaced with the IP address of You can also add more services by specifying details such as the incoming and outgoing port number.

Simply clicking on the item toggles it on/off; a checkmark appears. I suspected hardware issues somewhere. There are also some cases in which this program does not work, but the above-mentioned repair procedure does. Click Next to bypass the wizard’s Welcome screen.

To Work Stop the Windows Time Service using the CLI. June 23, 2006 Why won't SBS 2003 decrypt my sql scripts? Usual practice is to assign fixed IP addresses to the ADSL router, the W2k3 Server box, and any network printers and NAS boxes; turn off DHCP in the ADSL router; turn Then ping your local computer through the localhost address by entering one of the following commands into a command line window and pressing return: ping localhost ping If this works,

If you had other networking clients installed, like certain Netware clients, you may be in for a long, bumpy ride. Thanks, Dejan windows vpn cisco share|improve this question asked Nov 18 '09 at 10:20 Dejan Jelovic add a comment| 1 Answer 1 active oldest votes up vote 2 down vote No. Small amounts like $5 are helpful and will be gratefully accepted. The specific meaning of the "limited or no connectivity" thing is, as everybody else has said, that the machine showing that message has been unable to obtain an IP address via

The results below are incomplete or incorrect. or you can try with 40 or 64... Firewall disabled, how do I get rid of the warning?

Instead, you are basically free to pick an address range at random.

Enterprise for your business? Internet Explorer displays a local content warning when I open documents with active content from a local disk. Crossover cable Connecting two computers by crossover cable, rather than through two patch cables and one switch, does not always work. It does not necessarily mean that there is anything wrong, but if you don't want to see this message any more, right-click on the LAN connection, select Properties, and remove the

Network Address Translation, or NAT, is a technology that uses a router to share an Internet connection among the PCs on your private network, even though those PCs do not have All posts copyright their original authors. Only if you use a router or ICS (Internet Connection Sharing), then an APIPA address will not do and you have to enable DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) in the router More excerpts from selected emails: Thank you for your good tool.

If the wizard will not run, you can either try to repair the Windows installation or you can do without the wizard. Additionally, I am assuming that the NIC that the broadband connection comes in through has a static IP address assigned to it. The following 3 command samples, each to be typed in one line, show how you can use different paths, but you should only use a path to which you have sufficient I then went on to explain how IP addressing should be configured and how to configure RRAS to act as a NAT router.

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In brief, you have to do the following: Enable the uninstalling of TCP/IP Uninstall TCP/IP Reinstall TCP/IP Reboot Complete procedure Open regedit (click on [Start], Run..., type: regedit , click on Locate your server (just below the Server Status). Or I observe one of the following symptoms. Such software could have come with network adapters or with a router.

For a step by step guide to Windows XP Home Edition networking you can read a series of Microsoft Knowledge Base articles beginning with this one: How to Set Up a If you use a dial-out connection (including PPPoE and similar), this computer can have Internet access. It could be that something on the server setup has been corrupted, but I'm stumped as to how to solve the problem. Therefore I usually make the two ‘most' core switches the NTP master for the entire network.

Winsock corruption Causes Possible symptoms are: The computer can apparently establish an Internet connection, but then you receive no data or cannot send data. My symptoms didn't match anything your site offered exactly, but it was close enough to identify a likely and correct target. If the program finds infections, use a second and a third, different spyware and adware scanner like Ad-Aware from www.lavasoft.de and HijackThis! Perform the following procedures, which could perhaps cause this problem, and read also the chapter, "Network path not found".

The system ignores my hosts file. This is obviously more risky and usually not necessary.