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Xbox 360 And Oblivion Problem

Go and look at them! For one character I used the bow and arrow duping method for most of the game and then xbox live updated and stopped that method from working. First, create the reflect spell using the Spellmaking altar in the Arcane University or Frostcrag Spire if downloaded Make sure it's 100%, is a target spell and lasts for at least If he starts to run low on health, they can either turn up the difficulty or use a heal-on-target spell. Check This Out

Pickpocket him and give him the Mages Hood (reverse-pickpocketing). Dragon Quest XI: In... The other eight official plug-ins are only available for the Xbox 360 through the Xbox Live Marketplace (with the exception being a disc given away with an issue of the US The expansion had just come out and I was all kinds of excited to play it.

I am saving all files on the memory card now instead and plan on keeping it that way for a while without over-saving files too many times. Where Spirits Have LeaseEdit Issue: After finding Velwyn Benirus in Imperial City, he says to meet him back at The Count's Arms in Anvil. It helps to make sure that the game itself is set to auto-save frequently. Transferring PC Game Saves to the Xbox 360[edit] Transferring PC game saves to the Xbox 360 is possible, however the PC save MUST NOT MAKE USE OF ANY USER CREATED CONTENT

This will make the game readable. TopPlatforms 3DS PlayStation Vita Android PSP DS Switch iOS Wii PC Wii U PlayStation 2 Xbox 360 PlayStation 3 Xbox One PlayStation 4 More... The sparkles were there but they did not move. WplusPproductions2 10,892 views 4:54 Oblivion Best Scene - Duration: 2:03.

If they examine the pull rope at this point, it will start slowly spinning, and if they touch it, it violently stretches and flies around the room, bouncing off the walls Click the button below to indicate that you agree to these terms, which will unblock your account. The invisibility is not required. Ryse: Son of Rome Switch Nintendo Switch Forums Games Forum Directory Switch Forum Top Forums Dragon Quest XI: In...

Extract the files anywhere and run USBXTAFGUI. I moved all my game files onto the memory card so the only files on the xbox itself or my old harddrive will be Oblivion. Copy the save files directly to your PC; this replaces steps 1 through 4 above. Shifting stavesEdit When a staff is placed somewhere by a player it will shift a foot or two towards the direction the head of the staff is facing.

If you haven't yet configured your USB stick for use with the Xbox 360, select your USB device and choose how you want to partition the space. Another possibility is to use wait. the first character to freeze was on the first console, the second character to freeze was on the second and third consoles.3) Areas visited in game- I have seen this "graphics Check out The Alchemist's Corner thread!)(Like GTA:Vice City?

Select the file for the plug-in you want to get rid of, and choose delete. http://comvurgent.com/xbox-360/xbox-360-red-dot.html Method 1 is easier than Method 2 but the player will need a Mysticism skill of at least 75. Monster Hunter Generations Pokémon X & Y Story of Seasons: Trio... Shrine of Clavicus Vile quest bugEdit Issue: When attempting to return the Umbra Sword to Clavicus Vile's shrine for his quest, both PC and Xbox 360 versions of the game crash.

If they keep using the Yield exploit, they will be draining his disposition, making it possible to keep bribing him over and over - it is possible to shove over 2000g Although the process has been tested, use it at your own risk. The player may un-glitch themselves by entering the main gate of Bruma (which will be to the Jerall Mountains) or by using map-travel. this contact form Oftentimes Dorian will only have 10 gold on him (or another very low amount) This happens because the player has just recently begun the game.

The only way to get to them is to go into fly mode and look under the store (while inside it). Just leave sneak mode and dash past her to the desk, where the diary is. Even after thirty days Methredhel never takes the diary to Armand, and the secondary method of entering the Guild is never triggered.

If you tilt it while it's on it will, but just having it vertical shouldn't scratch your discs.

The crash has something to do with the statue that Clavicus Vile will give the player to carry with while they do his quest. electricviolinpownz 53,243 views 6:46 Easter Eggs - Oblivion - Elder Scrolls IV - Duration: 46:27. I need it to make my favorite potion (Battlemage Potion)....??? -------------------Without "bad", there is no definition for "good", think about that...and by the way, "never" is a long time. (Like TES:Oblivion? A lot of the information on the Wiki is derived from the construction set, because it allows the factors controlling game play to be easily identified.

one-hundred scrolls. Bloodworks wall glitchEdit Once inside the Bloodworks, go down the stairs. this one just takes a lot longer to show up. navigate here I also doubt that theory somewhat so I am optimistic that I will finally be able to play the game as completely as I have wanted to in the past.

It is a two-DVD set: the first DVD only contains the original Oblivion content; the second DVD must be installed in order to add the extra content. posting... If they attack her, the guard will tell them they have violated the law and will give them the arrest prompt. You do not need to pay for Xbox LIVE GOLD membership; the free membership is sufficient to obtain the patch.

This includes Nirnroot, Buma's armor, the Staff of Worms, and all other quest-related items or character-specific items: anything carried by one specific NPC and one only (Buma, Mainnimarco, anyone with a Bloodworks corner glitchEdit 360PS3 Once inside the Bloodworks, go down the stairs but not actually into the Bloodworks. This can be useful if one uses this glitch to give oneself Water Breathing. Sign in to make your opinion count.

Example video: see here Notes: 360PS3 With the new patch, the player can simply paralyze him to accomplish the goal. i had similar ones on my simcity 4 game. doing that would put it at 200+ loads, and can cause some problems. To fix the problem, replace the current meshes.bsa with an original copy from the DVD by copying it out of the Installshield .cab files on the DVD, or by reinstalling the

Check out the Vice City Racer Club thread!) posts in thread chappy27 Enter the Chickenno-stoppin-me-now total posts: 207since: Jan 2009 Jan 27, 09 at 1:51am ^ re: oblivion xbox360 problem Crash on exit leading to crash on running/loadingEdit Some players find that Oblivion crashes sometimes on exit. TheProxy5 16,179 views 3:18 How to become unstoppable in Oblivion without cheating (100% chameleon) - Duration: 6:46.