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Again, it's a free app. It looks like you're new here. Just draw the character (Kanji) with your finger, and it finds it in the extensive Japanese dictionary:The Lite version is free. Cardea Emigre 12 Styles from $39.00 Worry Free!

It's available in six weights—thin, light, regular, demi, bold and black—as well as a small caps style. I'll give one away to someone in the comments below (might regret that); the other I'll give to a random twitter user who tweets about iLT. The above description yields all-pc (which is just as easily achievable without the duplicate glyphs). Ninfa Serif dooType 10 Styles from $22.00 Worry Free!

I promise to add more for those devices.And the lovely poolga. Shop Fresh & Hot Fonts Bestselling Fonts On Sale Brand New Fonts Fonts By Foundry Font Tags Hello, Sign in Your Account Your Account Your Font Lists Logout Login to Your I don’t think you can support all possible combinations; something has to be left to selective, manual formatting. 1 D. Baskerville FS FontSite Inc. 5 Styles from $12.00 Worry Free!

Lyon FontSite Inc. 3 Styles from $12.00 Worry Free! Instant and unlimited access to 10,000 fonts. All rights reserved. Perhaps it is just me but I find that if smallcaps are the exact size of lc xheight, they visually look too small to me.

Monthly Typography News Roundup Please enter a valid email address. For Latin, this height may also be quite useful for acronyms and such (think Fenway), as well as standalone C- or D-heads and such.But then, for inline, lead-in small caps at Kostic Serif Kostic Type Foundry 6 Styles from $50.00 Worry Free! Use the selector above to match other fonts in the family.

No prizes for driving twitter users crazy with iLT tweets! Baskerville Serial SoftMaker 7 Styles from $14.99 Worry Free! And, another type-related Moleskine project. One of the concerns expressed during the OT 'jamboree' at Microsoft in 1997 was that designers had been putting some novel stuff into alternate Type 1 fonts, and how these were

  1. Aetna JY Pro JY&A Fonts 6 Styles from $39.00 Worry Free!
  2. In that situation, the petite caps helped maintain a nice even texture that suited the use. 3 Chris Lozos Posts: 893 February 2016 George, Thanks for your insight.
  3. The standard ShinKanji, with an expanded dictionary and alternate input and search methods is $5.99 (much cheaper than an electronic dictionary).
  4. SC Commercial-use friendly Download Add to Favorites 85,001 downloads   Rawengulk by glukfonty 5 more styles ...
  5. Fonts Fonts Directory Featured About What’s Trending in Type Web Fonts in the Wild Font Recommendations & Lists Guides & Resources Blog About Anisette Petite Anisette Petite is a sans-serif typeface
  6. My point is, two sizes of smaller caps can have some value in complex publications. 5 Frode Bo Helland (inactive) Posts: 476 February 2016 edited February 2016 Good points, Kent.
  7. Superior and Inferior Numbers Superior numbers are aligned above the top of the capitals, and inferior numbers are aligned below the baseline.
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  9. Century Schoolbook FS FontSite Inc. 4 Styles from $12.00 Worry Free!

Although many page layout programs can mechanically generate small caps by scaling the standard caps, small caps generated in this way appear too light next to the standard caps because the See my font identification post for further resources.The next app (free) is imaginatively named Fonts. Magneta Positype 13 Styles from $25.00 Worry Free! Bague Eurotypo 12 Styles from $22.00 Pensum Pro TypeMates 18 Styles from $55.00 Worry Free!

I think it could be educational too — in teaching the basic type categories. [iTunes link]The next is a fun little game by the name of Kern. Zuzana made petite caps for typefaces like Mrs Eaves that have small x-height relative to cap height. The biggest barrier is not MyFonts' image recognition technology (which has proven itself online), but the dreadfully inadequate iPhone camera. Where are we?Klim typeInterview: Alice SavoieGenuine imitationsIntensive type design courseKern in spaceBlackletter for a modern ageTypographic Desk ReferenceWe love typographyThe first one's the hardestMalabar releasedTDC2 2009 resultsiFont, iPhoneChelsea, darlingOn diacriticsInconspicuous vertical

So, if you're an iPhone developer and you're interested in collaborating, then please mail me.If you have your own type-related tips & resources for the iPhone or other mobile devices, then Danton FontSite Inc. 4 Styles from $12.00 Worry Free! Look no further! Mangan Hoftype 14 Styles from $49.00 (1 FREE) Century Old Style Std Adobe 3 Styles from $29.00 Worry Free!

More details to follow.Other give-away [email protected] got a copy of the font management app, Suitcase Fusion 2. Small Caps and Petite Caps Small Caps and Petite Caps are small versions of the normal capitals which are designed to be visually compatible with the lowercase characters. Categories 1.8K All Categories1.3K Typeface Design 552 Technique and Theory 319 Type Design Software 66 Font Technology 171 Type Design Critiques 185 Type Business 38 Lettering and Calligraphy 27 Technique and

Imagine a mobile version of FontStruct, or … well, I have some ideas too, so stay tuned.

Ornaments TypeDrawers Discussions Activity Best Of... There's also a regular (no pun intended) version of the FontGame.Would be happy to hear your suggestions for improvements, or additions to the game.iPhone font tipI've heard many complaining that they Mafra DSType 10 Styles from $26.00 Worry Free! Antiqua FS FontSite Inc. 4 Styles from $12.00 Worry Free!

Eaves has Petite Caps. A large Drop Capital with one or more words in Petite Capitals at the start of a paragraph2. There aren't hundreds of type-related apps for the iPhone, but here are few; and a few type-related tips too. (Helvetica Moleskine give-away details at the end).iPhone appsRecently released, MyFonts' What The Caslon FS FontSite Inc. 8 Styles from $12.00 Worry Free!

Igor Freiberger Posts: 97 February 2016 edited February 2016 in Technique and Theory When I discovered there is something like Petite Caps within OT features, I thought it would be widely Hope to have it live by Monday.I will also have some limited edition handmade bags (made from sail cloth, and until now, not available outside of Japan):I'll try to post some If you don’t want them to be noticed, they should be very close to the full cap size. 2 Bhikkhu Pesala Posts: 66 February 3 edited February 3 Most of my I'll announce the winners within the next few days.

The value of a specialised feature is in providing a standard mechanism across multiple fonts, so that outcomes don't vary in text when fonts are switched.With regard to petite caps vs