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Wordperfect Keyboard Shortcuts


A small modification of the MOVEBAR1.WPM macro presented above allows you to display a single line of menu options plus a second "help" line. Using Microsoft® IntelliMouse® to scroll Double-click a slide, and do one of the following: Rotate the Microsoft IntelliMouse wheel forward to scroll horizontally. For example, to create the table click the Tables button on the Power Bar and drag until the desired table size (rows and columns) is displayed. Press any key to return to WordPerfect. http://comvurgent.com/word-perfect/what-is-wordperfect.html

Disclaimer Related pages - Using "Other Codes" in WordPerfect (Format > Line > Other Codes) Hyphens, hard hyphens [a/k/a "hyphen characters"], soft hyphens, and hyphenation soft returns . . . For example, let's suppose you want to know if the user has entered the word "dragon" at a {TEXT} prompt. If you feel that a message is required, include one. I prefer to teach at the speed of enlightenment.

Wordperfect Keyboard Shortcuts

After looking briefly at Note2Txt - it may not do what you wish out of the box, but there is a lot of useful work there, and therefore a lot of New in version 1.01 of Paste-UTX: Along with the four codes mentioned, you can also retain Line Breaks (the default) or you can have them converted to hard returns (which is CHECK.TMP -- Blank register form, for making new check registers.

  1. While the programs have comments written into them, you might want to check the "fine points" in the notes after them.
  2. Double-letter macros expand the number of choices from the 54 available using just the Alt and Ctrl keys.
  3. Alternatively, you can use the numeric keypad to insert commonly used symbols such as the section sign (§) or the paragraph symbol (¶).
  4. Just click the Power Bar's QuickFonts button to see a list of the fonts you've used most recently.
  5. FILL-IN.WPM (provided on the Applications Disk) {ASSIGN}1~~ {ASSIGN}2~~ {ASSIGN}3~~ {ASSIGN}4~~ {FOR}cell~1~4~1~ {CALL}wait~ {END FOR} {GO}capture~ {LABEL}wait~ {ASSIGN}1~~ {LABEL}loop~ {LOOK}1~ {CASE}{VAR 1}~ {Exit}~exit~ {Enter}~enter~ {Up}~up~ {Down}~down~ ~ {IF}"{SYSTEM}cell~"="A{VARIABLE}cell~"~ {Right} {GO}loop~ {ELSE} {VAR
  6. Now, whenever you have a document that you want to close and don't need to save, just click your Close Without Saving button.
  7. If you do not put {VARIABLE}last~ in the ending number slot of the {FOR}num2~ statement, you will find that the routine keeps searching past the end of the 0 character set

If you haven't provided a description, the macro code starts at byte 57. The following routine breaks the columns of the previous routine into columns of 10.~ {Home}{Home}{Up} {FOR}num1~0~12~1~ {CALL}assign1~ {FOR}num2~11~{VARIABLE}last~~10~ {Search}{VARIABLE}num1~,{VARIABLE}num2~{Search}{Word Left}{HPg} {END FOR} {Home}{Home}{Up} {END FOR} {;}6. The format file into which the data is merged is as follows: PAGEOFF FIELD(4), IFBLANK(2)FIELD(3)ELSE FIELD(2) FIELD(3)ENDIF FIELD(1) IF BLANK(5)FIELD(6)ELSE FIELD(5) FIELD(6)ENDIF FIELD(7) FIELD(8)FIELD(9) A page numbering code is included in The MACTOOLS.WPK keyboard layout, included on the Applications Disk, provides seven macro tools you can use to make the process of authoring macro easier and less error-prone.

If your computer is at least AT-class (80286 microprocessor) running at 12 MHz or faster, you may want to try MAKEBOX2.WPM, also provided on the Applications Disk. Wordperfect Help Go to the subroutine doText, as in GOSUB doText 3. Richard Add to this AnswerAsk a Question Related ArticlesPlain Text Files | Using ASCII ANSI Plain Text for Desktop PublishingPutting Together a Plain Text ResumeBody of a Book Design - Chapters In addition, the named variables used in the macro are cleared.

However, you can see a preview - or buy a slightly older version of the book - on Lulu.com by clicking the gray "Buy Now - Lulu" button. The message at the {CHAR} is optional. If you answer Yes, enter the starting column and row coordinates. From a blank document window, choose Format, Labels.

Wordperfect Help

The parser looks for the word in sentence structure, such as: The dragon is red The red dragon Red is the color of the dragon Not all dragons are red Most Page updated May 13, 2015 WordPerfect Tips Main tips page | Browse tips Edit > Paste Special > Unformatted Text helps solve formatting problems when copying blocks of text or macro Wordperfect Keyboard Shortcuts Dave has written or contributed to more than a dozen computer books, including various editions of WordPerfect 11 For Dummies, Graphics File Formats, and The Complete Reference, Millennium Edition. In WordPerfect 5.0, these are ASCII 0.

Endorsed by Corel, the makers of WordPerfect, this is the best beginning level guide on the market. this contact form Byte 57: Start of macro or description. The {IF} statement is true only if the number in the value variable is greater than 100 AND less than 200 (in other words, between 101 and 199. Of course, you still have the option of doing your spell-checking at the end of the document, just as you always have.

In addition, the "macro.dir" document uses soft hyphens to delimit the names of macro files from its optional description. Highlight the one you want and press the [Enter] key. WPWin creates a new document with a page full of the same labels. have a peek here MACRO GENERATION There are several approaches to automatically generating macros, including using other macros or any of one several programming languages, such as BASIC or C.

Type a word to represent the word or phrase in the Abbreviated form box. Here's how to modify this macro for your own applications. After using EPSUT or the Paste-UT macro, all lines inside paragraphs might end in hard returns.

This is because when you haveformatted text as hidden but you are not displaying it, only the [Hidden] code is present, and pasting as unformatted text will delete that code and

You can even produce menus using the merge feature. Can you describe exactly what the format of the page is supposed to look like? To enter any macro command or code, enter PRINT #1 and the appropriate string variable. Page Top Note 2 - Tips for typing and pasting address blocks WordPerfect's Format > Envelope feature looks for the last block of three or more consecutive lines on Page 1

Traps -- Indicate {ON CANCEL}, {ON ERROR}, or {ON NOT FOUND} exception handlers. Horizontal Moving-Bar Menus Lotus 1-2-3 popularized the horizontal moving-bar menu: along the top or bottom of the screen appears a single line of menu selections. It appears to be another name for ASCII, which is simply pure text (no format codes or other weird characters). Check This Out Pressing one of the keys mapped in the {CASE} structure branches to the appropriate label.

Alt-B -- Macro Box Maker Use the Alt-B macro to make boxes within the macro or keyboard layout windows.