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More information on Tally(including introduction video) is available on the Tally website. In lab, participants will configure and connect JTAG hardware and software for run control of an embedded cpu.Unit 5: Finding Pinouts AutomaticallyDiscuss algorithms and methods for automatically identifying debug ports. In lab, participantswill use tools to automatically find and identify a JTAG interfaceUnit 6: JTAG ExplorationDiscuss the potential for undocumented and obscured features hidden in JTAG. In lab, participants will perform simple timing analysis to crack a microcontroller-based pin entry system.Unit 3: Power Side ChannelIntroduce power side channels as well as methods to measure power consumption.

embedded engineer Do you know how to embed full OSes in low footprint low-power System-On-Chips (like the OMAP family)? This research received recognition at ARM TechCon 2012, one of the largest semi-conductor expos in the world andNPR also featured this research.Slides from Breakpoint (Australia) 2012Video from 30C3 2013 (Hamburg, Germany) How can we help you?We provide our clients with a range of software security services but we specialize in software exploitation, hardware and software reverse engineering, code-audits, embedded systems, and operating Xipiter custom printing of the Android Hacker's Handbook Click here to reserve your seat at blackhat 2017! CONTACT US FOR PRIVATE VERSIONS OF ANY OF OUR COURSES! Subscribehere to

That's 8 days of back-to-back training:​U.S.11-14 April2016"Software Exploitation Via Hardware Exploitation"18-21April2016"Practical ARM Exploitation" ORE.U.27Sept- 30Sept2016"Software Exploitation Via Hardware Exploitation"3Oct-6Oct2016"Practical ARM Exploitation"Length:Two 4-day sessions offered in Get a seat inboththe "ARM Exploitation" and "SexViahex" classes for a discounted rate. 8 full days of training! Xipiter performs some of these services:Source Code Audits (C/C++, Ruby, Java, Python, PHP, .NET and more)"Black Box Testing" includingSoftware Reverse Engineering, Fuzzing, and Protocol replicationImplementation of Software Sandboxes, Privilege separation schemes, Venues: OWASP 2011 Park Avenue KPMG (New York) Reversing Android Malware/Spyware This talk discussed some very simple techniques employed to explore a bit of the world of Android malware.Slides are

What to bring:Laptop with:Wireless and wired connectivity4+ gb of RAM3+ usb ports or a reliable USB hubVMWare player or workstationWhat will be provided:Students will be provided with a Lab manual and We ideally are looking for candidates who have had information security consulting experience because it demonstrates breadth of knowledge, good communication skills, and willingness to deal with "high-level" problems such as: Participants will learn about threats to those systems, perform hand-on attacks themselves, and learn how insecure design patterns are found throughout the world of Automation (and automotive!).More details on future offerings It's not just gobbledy-gook, most of it looks that way for a reason.

Latest PostJTAG Explained (finally!)Using Xipiter's "Shikra" to hack embedded devicesUpcoming Public TrainingsRecent TrainingsXipiter Public US and EU(SOLD OUT)"Software Exploitation Via Hardware Exploitation"SOLD OUTBlackhat 2016"Practical ARM Exploitation"SOLD OUTat Blackhat 2016!Software Exploitation Via rectitude. Subscribe for updates on this course! The site launched in the summer of 2013 with The Facedancer21 and has since fulfilled thousands of orders, shipping around the world to a prestigious list of organizations, researchers, and agencies.

Automation Exploitation (new!) Above are some of the devices used and discussed in this course. Automation-Exploitation.com is the third custom developed training by our research team. In lab, participants will identify and probe several features of an undocumented jtag controller.Unit 7: JTAG EnablingPresent several ways that manufacturers could disable or disconnect JTAG, and how to reverse them. Download an older Brochure for this course.File Size: 530 kbFile Type: pdfDownload File Bundle Deal! Show it to us, that’s the best interview!

In lab, participants will acquire a root console on an embedded device via serial cable.Unit 2: Exploit via UARTDiscuss attack surface exposed via UART. Finally, as a Proof-Of-Concept, we also developed our own "spinner" that used Natural Language Processing and Neural Classifiers (Mahalanobis Distance Statistic) to evade the filters used by Google and other search Who Should Attend:"Makers", Tinkerers, Developers, IT Professionals, Mobile Developers, Hackers, Penetration Testers, Forensic Investigators, reverse engineers, software security auditors/analysts, software exploitation engineers, jail breakers, and anyone interested. security engineer Xipiter takes security very seriously.

So our research was into developing techniques for "Advanced Exploitation" on ARM based systems. In lab, participants will manipulate memory via jtag to modify kernel operations and privilegesFirmware:Unit 1: Basic Firmware DumpingIntroduce basics of flash storage and common partitioning. It teaches all this against real-world Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) products such as routers, game systems, and other appliances. Xipiter Home Training Practical ARM Exploitation Software Exploitation Via Hardware Exploitation Practical Android Exploitation Training Testimonials September 2016 EU Public Training Info September 2015 EU Public Training Info Services Software

In lab, participants will embed a remotely accessible backdoor via hardware access with serial cable.Unit 3: Finding Pinouts ManuallyShow various methods of locating and identifying debug headers on a board. Next Classes: Blackhat 2017 (Register Today!)US Public Training 2017 (TBA)EU Public Training 2017 (TBA) Contact usfor private onsite version of this course. This class is aimed to an indispensable training for mobile developers, forensics investigators, software security professionals, and others.Next Class:Blackhat Las Vegas 2017 (Register Now!)US Public Training 2017 (TBA)EU Public Training 2017 It teaches all this against real-world Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) products such as routers, game systems, and other appliances.Previous Classes:27Sept-30Sept 2016/ The EU (OVER)30July-2Aug (4-day)/ Blackhat Las VegasSOLD OUT!11-14April 2016

Do you enjoy developing, implementing and evaluating software? Xipiter holds the exclusive IP rights to "USB Condoms" (wordmarks and trademarks). tally/osprey (project) Tally devices are inexpensive ways to keep track of the physical world.Tally devices are a series See what others have said about this course!

Xipiter staff has experience building information security practices (at technology companies and startups) from the ground up so we know how to communicate the highly technical security issues that have business

It was the first talk of its kind following the (then) recent release of the Chrome sandbox which is still regarded as the defacto standard for software sandboxing on Microsoft Operating Get a seat inboththe "ARM Exploitation" and "SexViahex" classes for a discounted rate. 8 full days of training! In lab, participants will manipulate the filesystem to add a backdoor to be remotely accessed.Unit 7: Advanced Firmware AnalysisIntroduce tools for binary reverse engineering of executables found in firmware. You can also provide your CV and other details now if you'd like.

Get a Seat In Both classes For a discounted rate! 2.Practical ARM ExploitationThis course introduces students "real world" exploitation scenarios on ARM under the real-world circumstances in which the exploit The talk is mostly memoirs of a Python coder's foray into Ruby and provides some compelling uses for Ruby (over Python) for security research in simple and easy code patterns.Slides are We're looking for knowledgable and dedicated folks who can join us in the fun of collaboratively building product and performing quality services.Scroll down for more information about available positions. In lab, participants will identify and exploit vulnerabilities in code found on an embedded ARM device.Unit 2: Timing Side ChannelsIntroduce the concept of side channel attacks and show examples of how

Xipiter helps its clients audit and secure their software, hardware and mobile solutions. Xipiter staff has experience not only securing but also developing full-stack applications of all kinds. Xipiter staff have given many international talks and trainings on mobile device security issues. Each student will be provided a lab kit for the duration of the class containing target embedded systems including wireless routers, NAS devices, android tablets, and embedded development boards, as well

And because Automotive technologies have their roots in Industrial Control and Building Automation (e.g. RIM(Blackberry) ComCast/XFinity The National Security Agency Samsung Hewlett-Packard For up-to-date news on Xipiter register for our newsletters or download them.toll-free: 1.855.XIP.ITER main: 1.646.783.3999 fax:1.917.746.9832email:info (@t) Do you like taking on hard problems and building solutions?We are looking for people like this to help build our information security team. We've trained teams at large semiconductor manufacturers on embedded security issues and we've spoken about these issues all around the world.

We are a small company, so team compatibility is very important. This talk explains why. Surprisingly, it is also equally mystifying to software security professionals who themselves tend to deal in the "lower level" aspects of software and operating system inner workings.