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And when you're ready to speak with a professional about saving for retirement, click here. ©2017 SaveWealth. It doesn't matter if it's a flat tax, graduated tax, or an upside down tax... Planning is a must. To build a sizable nest-egg for you and your family, you need to do two things: 1.

and then help protect it. For tax years 2011, a special $5 million estate tax exemption was created. Maximize the money you are earning. 2. Why Plan Your Estate?

All rights reserved. Now is the perfect time to: Get a Head Start on Your 2016 Taxes The 2016 SaveWealth Tax Center has tax saving tips, all-new mailing addresses, links to IRS and state and if you wish to leave money to grandchildren, the estate taxes can reach almost 60%!

  • When such a gift is hit once with a 35% tax...
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  • We'll show you how.
  • In many cases, heirs and loved ones are forced to sell personal property, real property, and other belongings at below market value to pay for this huge tax bill.
  • There was great uncertainty as to what would happen once 2010 ended.

For 2011 and 2012, Uncle Sam starts collecting taxes at the $5 million level. and then again with another 35% tax, the gift is effectively reduced by nearly 60%! That means $5 million of your hard-earned wealth immediately shrinks to just under $2,112,500 for your heirs, with the remainder going to Uncle Sam. At SaveWealth, our underlying goal is to give you the tools you need to build a nest egg...

SaveWealth was originally launched with one, simple objective: to provide no-nonsense help for people searching for ways to preserve their assets. Some traditional methods of estate planning include: Wills Living Trusts Durable/Medical Power of Attorney These estate planning methods, while simple to implement, often fall short when discussing estates over $1 million. That's what estate planning is all about. Banking 3.

Climb Your Way Up the CD Ladder Index Annuities Offer an Alternative Bluesman's Estate Settles 62 Years After Death Protect Yourself Against Note Fraud Protecting Your Credit TerraMoto When traveling for Filing Taxes Learn how to file your state and IRS taxes, including mailing addresses. Find one close to you, absolutely free. Federal estate taxes (which currently mirror gift taxes) can get much higher than your personal income tax, with rates from the IRS climbing as high as 35%.

Defining Personal Financial Goals 2. But saving for retirement is no easy task. Disclaimer | Contact Us | Ads | Privacy | Jobs | Legal | About Travel | Yellow Pages | Links | Trademarks | Newsletter | Help Unlike the Gift Tax Credit, a $1 million exclusion which can be used during one's lifetime (e.g.

Then you need to join the SaveWealth Advisor Team. And with good reason. Maps and Directions 7. All rights reserved.

Uncle Sam Gives You Some Credit Congress has created uniform tax rates for gifts and estate transfers of wealth (also known as the Unified Gift and Estate Tax Rates). Box 80187 San Diego, CA 92138-0187 Access Magazine Ranked SaveWealth.com As One of the Best Financial Sites Yahoo! Plus, the Acts also increased the Unified Credit, currently set at $1,500,000. Contact SaveWealth.com For the fastest response, please send a message to SaveWealth.com or one of our financial specialists via our website.

As the table demonstrates, the Gift Tax Credit historically has not been as large as the Estate Tax Credit. All rights reserved. An educated client is always our best client.

Others do their own research, managing their investments, doing their own tax returns, and ensuring that they're ready when April 15th rolls around.

Many people with large estates, who create a simple living trust, often overlook their largest tax liability (and they won't even be around to pay it). Disclaimer | Contact Us | Ads | Privacy | Jobs | Legal | About Travel | Yellow Pages | Links | Trademarks | Newsletter | Help Employment

That tradition continues today. SaveWealth.com is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

To learn more about SaveWealth Advisors and for information on joining the SaveWealth Advisors Team, click here. Whether you're close to retirement or just starting out, it's always a good time to begin building and preserving your wealth. In fact, according to one Washington think tank, the average American spends more paying taxes than buying food, tobacco, clothing, and housing combined. a father wishes to gift money to his daughter), the Estate Tax Credit can be used after someone has died and the estate is being distributed.

Protect Yourself Against Note Fraud The SEC reports that note fraud is on the rise.